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We've got the best Watchout Operators to staff your next project.

Check out some of these Watchout Operators:

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Hayden Bodill

Graphic design for events and shows, PowerPoint, Keynote and Dataton Watchout designer and operator

  • Dataton Watchout
  • Adobe Illustrator
Img 4051 portrait

Steve Farris

Mega Media Show Control, Watchout Programming, Graphics Operator

  • Video Projection
  • Video Technician
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Guillem Pujol Griñó

Audiovisual Engineer with two years of experience in technical projects and video operator Resolume, Watchout, Smode

  • Video Technician
  • Dataton Watchout
Flaska p c3 a9ter 1 portrait

Peter Flaska

Multiscreen and control solution for fixed installations and live events.

  • Showcontrol
  • Multiscreen Video

Multiscreen project? Need an operator or programmer for Dataton Watchout? No one you know is available?

Dataton Watchout operators, as well as other multiscreen specialties, can be hard to find in this industry. Perhaps there is a big conference coming up and everyone you know is booked. Maybe you're working internationally and need to hire a local. Or you've never used Watchout before but it's what the client wants! Toperators to the rescue!

Dataton Watchout, with it's virtually infinite display outputs, geometry mapping, 3D functionality and automatic media distribution can be a wonderful piece of equipment to work with. Not to mention it's one of the more cost-effective ways to do multiscreen projects! With it's many input / output features, it's a limitless toolbox. But getting started with it can be tricky, with many 'gotcha' moments. You need a good operator to help you out, or lots of time at your availability to learn the tricks of the trade before you try your hand at a commercial project. Unfortunately finding the right guy for the job, especially if you need someone locally, can be a tricky endeavour.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a localized database for the best operators in the industry?

With Toperators you have the ability to search for people based on hardware or software skill tags they set in their portfolio. It's quite magical, if you search for 'video editor' we'll even match software like Premiere Pro. Add a location and search radius to that, and we make it easy for you to find quality personnel at any location. Worldwide! LinkedIn is great and all, but if you're anything like us you would end up calling someone for references anyway. Especially with rare multiscreen talents like Watchout operating / programming. Toperators was built to solve this very issue!

What's unique about Toperators?

Freedom of Contact Details

Unlike other platforms we don't hold your contact information hostage for money. Make your phone number public if you want. That way, producers can contact you directly and hear about your availability in seconds. Searching is always free, you don't even have to register. Of course it works on mobile.

Moderated Portfolios

Every new portfolio is checked by a human moderator. This ensures a very high standard. We also keep tags checked so duplicates like 'Editing' and 'Editor' don't happen.

Powerful Search

Our location based searching engine is not only very clever in matching terms, it also tells producers about your location (if you've shared it). That way they know in one glance if you're right for the job. If you are, your contact details are just one click away.

Oh, look at the pictures!

Every Toperator gets 10 'slots' to upload images or add videos into. Just 10. If that seems limited to you, wait until you open a portfolio and see in a single glance just how good someone is. Did we mention it's all retina-display resolution?