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Guillem Pujol Griñó

Audiovisual Engineer with two years of experience in technical projects and video operator Resolume, Watchout, Smode

  • Video Technician
  • Dataton Watchout
  • Resolume Arena
  • Smode
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Griju Pulikkottil Raju

Video Engineer/Operator, Projectionist , Analogway Ascender , Barco Encore, Playback Pro, Media Server, Led Display, Novastar

  • Dataton Watchout
  • Analog Way Ascender 48
  • Barco Encore
  • Roland V-800HD
  • Barco Projectors
  • Christie Roadster HD20K-J
  • AJA Ki Pro
  • Coolux Pandoras Box
  • Coolux AirScan
  • D3
  • Christie Boxer Series
  • Playback Pro
  • PlaybackPro Plus
  • Christie Projectors
  • Widget Designer
  • Analog Way Ascender
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Peter Flaska

Multiscreen and control solution for fixed installations and live events.

  • Showcontrol
  • Multiscreen Video
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Mark Delalieux

Watchout Programmer - Videomapping - Wall Projections - 3D Projection - Congress/Meeting Technology

  • Dataton Watchout
  • Projection Mapping
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Matthew Keane

Freelance video post-production, motion graphics and video mapping for live events. Specialist in media server programming and operation.

  • Motion Graphics
  • Edge Blending Projection
  • Multiscreen Projects
  • Video Editor
  • Projection Mapping
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Virtual Display

Flexible Watchout Operator For Events

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Marcel van Rooij

Allround lighting and ledwall professional. Design and program for television, concert and special events.

  • Lighting Designer
  • Lighting Technician
  • Lighting Operator
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Saurabh Verma

Barco E2, S3, EC-200, EC-50 Operator

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Amit Jadhav

Dreampoint Production we work with video and interactive technologies, synthesizing creative and technical energies, to create unique

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Steve Farris

Mega Media Show Control, Watchout Programming, Graphics Operator

  • Video Projection
  • Video Technician