Toperators is shutting down at the end of 2020. Read more here.


$ 90 per year

That's it. No upselling, no premium features, no pricing tiers. One all-inclusive price to be listed amongst the top creative freelancers in our industry.

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What's different about Toperators?

We know, you're probably tired about another platform to keep track of. Here's why joining Toperators is a good idea:

1. High-quality portfolios

We hand-check every new portfolio. Every new tag is checked, corrected and possibly removed by a moderator if it doesn't serve.

2. Searching is free, always

On other platforms, you have to pay for better search results. We wanted search to be free, so a hasty producer missing a projection mapper can spend time finding a replacement instead of figuring out a complicated pricing model.

3. Free your contact info

We don't sit between you and whomever is trying to reach you. If you want to list your phone number (and we recommend you do!), you absolutely can.

4. Be found for your niche

Many of us have specific skills with hardware or software (I'm looking at you Dataton Watchout operators!). Now finally, we can be found specifically for those skills.