Toperators is shutting down at the end of 2020. Read more here.

General questions

Searching on Toperators will always be open and free! Setting up a Portfolio requires registration.


Well first of all click here to go to our register page. The process will guide you through all the steps required to make a portfolio.

Yes! That's the beauty of it. People who publish their portfolio on Toperators have the chance to add any and all contact information they wish.

Well first of all it's a phone book with just the best AV operators! Second of all, we have pictures! And video! Every portfolio gets 10 slots for either a video or an image to highlight their skills and experience level. A good producer will be able to make quick and accurate estimations on someones skill level based on those images.

There is currently no functionality to do that, but we can do it for you! Just contact [email protected] with your account information and we'll get right on that.

Tags are what drives the search engine of Toperators, so definitely start there and make sure you have tags added for your general expertise, as well as specifics in hardware and software categories! Secondly, spend some time searching for the best production photos you can find. The large featured images at the top of the page have the ability to make quite the impact. Make sure to add a oneliner description of yourself as well. It gets used in a bunch of SEO techniques we use to make your portfolio more likely to be found. Lastly, add some contact information. If you're found on Toperators, a producer is going to want to know how to get in touch with you in order to work with you!

With Toperators we've tried to strike a very careful balance between ease of use and functionality. 10 slots is a compromise that hits all the following points:

  • Looks good in a 2 by 5 layout
  • Gives portfolio creators a 'goal', instead of having to create a gallery that potentially goes on forever
  • Forces portfolio creators to be more selective in the work they choose to highlight
  • Can be absorbed by a visitor in a matter of seconds

When new tags are added by someone creating a portfolio, they get added to a moderation queue. We can choose to approve, rename or merge that tag with existing tags. When we do this, an e-mail goes out to everybody that has used this tag in their portfolio informing them of the change.

Although no process exists for it currently, before we launch we do plan to integrate a portfolio moderation queue, to make sure we provide our users with feedback on the looks of their portfolio before they publish.


A one-year subscription costs $90 per year.
We allow payments through Credit Card, and will charge a yearly fee.