Looking for an Amsterdam based camera operator for your next project? We've got you covered.

These camera operators are all based in the vicinity of Amsterdam:

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Johan Moeskops

I'am Johan Moeskops, Filmmaker and photographer. So my skills are camera, edit, postproduction and also 2d motion graphics.

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Richard Spierings

Cinematographer, DOP, 1st & 2nd AC.

  • Director of Photography
  • Cinematographer

With Toperators, finding great camera operators for your next project in Amsterdam is a breeze.

With Toperators, you can search people based on skill tags they set in their Portfolio. It's magical. You search for an editor, software tags like 'Premiere Pro' and 'Final Cut Pro' get matched.

It's location based. You set a search radius around a location and it just works.

Have you been in the situation where you need to source an extra camera operator on short notice? Or perhaps someone with skills in a certain style, or with their own gear? Maybe you don't need an operator per se, but a DIT, first AC or other set crew? Maybe you're in events and you need 5 or 10 guys all at once? LinkedIn is great and all, but at the end of the day if you're anything like us, you still end up calling a colleague to ask if they know someone. No easy to use platform to solve this problem existed for the AV industry, so we built one!

Are you a Toperator?

If you're a video professional who has to frequently search for operators to fit their projects, we heartily invite you to give our platform a try. Searching for Toperators is and will always be free. This project is a labor of love for us, we created it first and foremost because we need the solution for our own projects!

If you work in the video industry on a freelance basis, you might just fit in here! Setting up a Toperators portfolio can bring you work. Let us worry about the SEO, the social media marketing and the landing pages (like this one!), you focus on the quality of work. Not to mention we made the process intuitive and really fast.

Create your portfolio

How does it work?

1. Create your portfolio

Choose a representative portrait picture of yourself. Logos not allowed, business suit is optional. Summarize yourself as best you can in 140 characters. Realize that's really hard and find a friend to do it instead.

2. Use tags to define your experience as an operator

Tags are what drives Toperators crazy powerful search. If you're a camera operator, you clearly need a camera operator tag. But perhaps you also want to list some of the specific camera's you're experienced with.

3. Use up to 10 videos or photos to show off your work

By limiting you to 10 media elements, we force you to think hard about what to show off. For the searcher, it has the benefit that they don't have to dig any further beyond your portfolio page to establish whether you're a match.

4. Add your contact details

Here's where we differ from other platforms. If you want to publish your e-mail, phone number or daily fee, we don't stop you. In-fact, the more contact information you publish the higher the chance you'll get work out of it!