Toperators is shutting down at the end of 2020. Read more here.

Here's us looking smug at NAB 2015

Who are we?

Toperators to this day is just a team of two people. We use our free time, or whatever time we can get free in between doing our own audio visual projects, to work on the platform. We like to think our diversity in age and background provides a synergy for the project.

Hugo Janzen

Hugo Janzen

Hugo works in the Audiovisual Industry as a Systems Integrator. Amongst his specialties are multiscreen video and showcontrol applications.

Since 1991, Hugo has been self-employed in his private company Hugo Janzen Audiovisuele Projecten

Floris Porro

Hugo Janzen

Floris started his audiovisual career as an intern with Hugo. After gaining experience in a mixed bag of random specialties which include web development, multiscreen / complex video setups, visual effects and Boeing 737's, he's now joined efforts with the Amsterdam-based 'Stream My Event' and runs the technical arm of the company.

These were our goals when we started out with Toperators:

  • Super easy Portfolio creation
  • Free and open search, no log-in or registration required for searchers
  • Searchable by individual experience properties, such as hardware or software skills
  • Make a non-sucky (technical term) search system
  • Searching 'cam operator' should also match 'cameraman'. A video editor should be findable with the software tag 'Premiere Pro'.
  • Fast and visually clear
  • Well designed
  • SEO optimized
  • Transparent in actions taken, e.g. moderation and partnerships
  • Transparent revenue model
  • Well-defined target audience
  • Create a platform for niche professions like multiscreen video techs or foley artists

Enough of this! What does the dictionary say?


noun | /ˈTɒpəreɪtər/

superlative of operator; someone who controls audio visual equipment in an expertly manner

"I don't just need a camera guy for next weeks' event, I need a Toperator"
"Do you know any camera Toperators in or around Amsterdam?"
"I don't know man. This here is Toperator material."


verb | /ˈTɒpəreɪt/

the act of controlling the functioning of audio visual equipment in an expertly manner

"When did you last Toperate?"
"He Toperated best after a couple of martinis"
"I'm Toperating in Amsterdam tomorrow!"
"Want to Toperate with me next week?"

Toperators - the new portfolio platform for creative freelancers

It's catchy, isn't it? We found ways to use it within the first days after coming up with the term, and it hasn't left our vocabulary since. But what really, in our opinion, defines a Toperator?

A Toperator is:

  • a self-employed professional in the broadcast, theatre, movie, presentation or event industry.
  • used to travelling for his or her work.
  • available 24/7
  • someone who usually enjoys their work greatly
  • highly values the maintenance of their competence
  • has at least 5 years of industry experience
  • speaks at minimum basic English
  • has a global attitude

“Are you Toperating this week? Do you know any Toperators? Also: damn dude, you're such a Toperator„

You, at an event tomorrow

What happened and where are we now?

Toperators concept first written down on paper

Long before we realized this was something we could actually build and work on, the idea to create Toperators was born. After a weekend long brainstorm session, we had something resembling a structure and plan.

Decision to start actively working on Toperators

After a long process that included some half-assed attempts to get something put together, the decision was made to put serious time and effort in.

First prototype version of Toperators working!

Toperators launched silently, inviting our friends to try it out

Toperators presented and launched publicly at NAB 2015

Development slows down...

Industry engagements and the requirement to make a living forced both of us to take a step back and focus on the present. We didn't feel Toperators was ready to charge money for portfolios, so we left the website open. Waiting for the next available opportunity to start the project up once more.

Slow but definite progress

It took a long time to find a modus operandi that allowed us to combine industry work with Toperators. In reality this means early mornings and late evenings, and taking a break in busy periods. But we're managing and slowly but surely, the platform is improving. We're putting major focus on SEO and getting traffic to our search engine, so the platform will hold value for those that put a portfolio up.