Toperators is shutting down at the end of 2020. Read more here.

Find Creative Talent

Toperators is a profile platform for freelancers in theatre, film, presentation, event or TV industries.
It makes finding the right talent for your project super easy.

Are you a Toperator?

You work in theatre, film, presentation, events or broadcast. You're good at what you do and you've been doing it for some time. Probably on a freelance basis. You may have some, or a lot, of own equipment, and a variety of skills. Producers hire you because they know they can rely on you. Having a 9 to 5 lifestyle is not part of your job description.

If this is you, Toperators can help you get new clients and work.

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What is Toperators?

The world is changing and traditional networking doesn't cut it anymore. We don't know about you, but we're not very good at that stuff anyway. Employers prefer to use local freelancers, but finding the right talent in the right location is not easy. Maintaining your own website or social media platform is a lot of work and getting found through organic search is even more difficult.

Toperators is a portfolio platform. Super easy to use, highly optimized for searching. It takes most people up to an hour to set up, and that's if they spend a lot of time searching for images. It allows you to be found globally.

Create your portfolio

Freedom of Contact Details

Unlike other platforms we don't hold your contact information hostage for money. Make your phone number public if you want. That way, producers can contact you directly and hear about your availability in seconds. Searching is always free, you don't even have to register. Of course it works on mobile.

Moderated Portfolios

Every new portfolio is checked by a human moderator. This ensures a very high standard. We also keep tags checked so duplicates like 'Editing' and 'Editor' don't happen.

Powerful Search

Our location based searching engine is not only very clever in matching terms, it also tells producers about your location (if you've shared it). That way they know in one glance if you're right for the job. If you are, your contact details are just one click away.

Oh, look at the pictures!

Every Toperator gets 10 'slots' to upload images or add videos into. Just 10. If that seems limited to you, wait until you open a portfolio and see in a single glance just how good someone is. Did we mention it's all retina-display resolution?

Be found on the internet. Meet new clients. Get paid.