Toperators has been discontinued

Dear user,

With regret we announce the shutdown of the Toperators servers and databases by the end of 2020. The platform has seen some work over the years, but has remained virtually unchanged since it's inception in 2014. In the meantime, public forums like Facebook, LinkedIn and software like Rentman have increasingly filled the operator database gap we built Toperators for back in 2014.

About the project

Toperators has always been a passion project of its founders Floris and Hugo, and although we've had a lot of fun on our journey with Toperators, the project has never been commercially viable. With changing lives and focus, we no longer have the time or inclination to continue developing it, and it's become hard to justify the monthly recurring costs involved in running the website.

What we're doing now

Floris Porro

Floris is busy building a next-generation streaming company and leads development of, a graphic overlay tool for livestreams.

Contact him at [email protected]

Hugo Janzen

Hugo leads the teams working on some of the most highly demanding technical multimedia productions and installations.

Contact him at [email protected]

We both remain active in our respective industries and, since we know many of you personally:
See you in the field!

All the best,
Floris and Hugo